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VENDÉE – Property appeals to international buyers …


The Vendée has always held great appeal for international property buyers and with mortgage rates at their lowest levels since the second world war this demand is likely to remain steady through 2013.

This is an area that boasts some of the most beautiful coastline in western France as well as playing host to four major rivers so coastal and waterside properties are particularly popular. Property prices are amongst the most reasonable in France with a departmental average of €145,000 (compared to France as a whole which has an average of €163,000 excluding Paris). Of course these prices vary throughout the department and you can expect to pay a premium around the coastal sector by Sables d’Olonne closely followed by Roche sur Yon – if you are looking for a bargain then head towards Fontenay le Comte where the average price is just €110,000.

Despite the general economic downturn the Notaires de France report little movement in the price of properties within the Vendée since 2009/10 when houses rose by around 5%. This reflects the fact that the department has never been prone to the highs & lows experienced by other regions. There is a steady demand for property here and British buyers tend to choose the department because it offers a high quality of life combined with beautiful scenery, plenty of sunshine and excellent access to and from the UK.

Maxine Enderby of Leggett Immobilier comments:

“We have a dozen agents in the Pays de la Loire with over 300 properties for sale, here in the Vendée we have a growing team with a terrific and diverse portfolio which ranges from a renovation project for €33,000 up to a choice of properties around the one million euro mark – and I can assure you that whilst that would get you a small apartment in Paris or on the Cote d’Azur it will buy you something truly special here in the Vendée”.